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Bonuses: with Poker Ocean is offering players a sign-up bonus of 50% up to a maximum of $200. Veteran depositing players are rewarded at Poker Ocean as well, with a monthly 100% Reload Bonus up to $100. Download Poker Ocean through, open your account and take advantage of these special offers!

First Deposit Bonus

If you're a new player with Poker Ocean, you can get a signup bonus of 50% when you make your initial deposit up to $200. Play ring games or tournaments, earn Poker Ocean Points, and start taking in your poker bonus money today!

The players are required to accumulate Poker Ocean points during the thrilling peripheral games and contests. Greater number of games ensures an enhanced amount of poker top-up bonus.

Terms and Conditions

  • The first deposit top-up bonus is offered to the original players who open the initial account at the gaming site.
  • This offer is provided to players at the time of accruing poker points at peripheral games and competitions. For further particulars on Poker Ocean points and to observe their details while playing click on the My Account Section of Poker Ocean.
  • During peripheral games, points are conferred to participants for each betting in the game as long as the hand is raked irrespective of whether the participant contributes to the pot by putting a blind or a bet or whether the participant pulls out. Points are also offered on the basis of the cash credited by players at the time of signing-in to the competition.
  • Points are offered on the basis of the rakes acquired at peripheral games as per the following chart :

Point Accumulation at Ring Games

Rake Taken Per Hand No. of Points for each participating hand
$0.10 - $0.24 0.2
$0.25 - $0.50 1
$0.51 - $0.75 1.5
$0.76 - $1.00 2
$1.01 - $1.25 3
$1.26 - 1.50 4
$1.51 - 1.75 5
$1.76 - 2.00 6
$2.01 - 2.25 7
$2.26 - 2.50 8
$2.51 - 2.75 9
$2.76 and up 10
  • Clarification: Rake taken refers to the rake generated at a table in a ring game by all the players during that hand, and not by any individual player.
  • At tournaments, 17 Points are awarded for every $1 in fees paid by the player.
  • Clarification: In a tournament listed as $10+$1, $1 is the amount considered as fees.
  • Players cannot earn Points in Play Money games.
  • Bonuses are released to players according to the number of Points a player has earned:
Points Bonus
600 Points $5

Example: For each 600 Points a player earns, a $5 bonus will be issued. A player who has earned 580 Points will need to earn another 20 Points to receive a bonus payment.

  • Players who deposit in GBP or EUR will receive their bonuses according to the maximum USD amount, converted automatically into their own currencies.
  • Bonus money will be released to a player's account automatically as they earn Points. Players can check the "My Account" page of the Poker Ocean Lobby to see their pending Bonus Balance and their Poker Ocean Point Balance.
  • Players will continue to accumulate Points as they play, and further releases of bonuses will be made automatically.
  • Poker Ocean Points are non-redeemable for cash or for use in any other promotion unless stipulated by Poker Ocean.
  • Players qualifying for this unique offer have 90 days to accumulate the necessary Points entitling them to their First Deposit Signup Bonus.

Reload Bonus

You can also take in a 100% poker bonus with your first additional deposit every month, up to a maximum of $100! All depositing Poker Ocean players are entitled to this poker bonus each month, so take advantage of it now!

Terms and Conditions

  • This 100% Reload Bonus up to $100 offer is available to all depositing Poker Ocean players on the first additional deposit they make each month.
  • After making an additional deposit players will be entitled to earn a Reload Bonus of 100% of their additional deposit up to a maximum of $100.
  • The Reload Bonus is issued to players as they earn Poker Ocean Points at ring games and tournaments. The key for bonus release is 600 Points = $5 cash bonus issued.
  • The Reload Bonus to which a player is entitled is added to his Bonus Dollars Balance at Poker Ocean. For example: If a player who is earning Points towards a Signup Bonus of $100 makes an additional deposit of $100, his Bonus Balance will increase from $100 to $200 (as he will be entitled to a $100 First Deposit Bonus and a $100 Reload Bonus). This can be checked in the My Account section of the Poker Ocean Cashier.
  • If a player has no current Bonus Balance (as he has already earned his First Deposit Bonus in its entirety), he will begin earning Points solely towards his Reload Bonus.
  • Poker Ocean Points are non-redeemable for cash or for use in any other promotion unless stipulated by Poker Ocean.
  • Players qualifying for this unique offer have 60 days to accumulate the necessary Points entitling them to their Reload Bonus.
  • Players are entitled to receive one 100% Reload Bonus up to $100 per calendar month.

Loyalty & VIP

Loyalty & VIP: 

VIP Club

Every player who signs-up with Poker Ocean is automatically entered into the VIP Club at a Bronze Level. Players can elevate their VIP Club status by earning Poker Ocean Points at ring games and tournaments. The more Poker Ocean Points accumulated the higher the VIP Club Level.

Monthly Loyalty Bonus

Poker Ocean offers its VIP Club members an outstanding Loyalty Cash Bonus at the 1st of every month.

  • Poker Ocean wants to go the extra mile for its loyal members. The monthly Loyalty Bonus was created for that sole purpose. All Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Diamond VIP members will enjoy a special cash bonus the first week of the month. The Loyalty Cash bonus is decided based on the VIP player's average points over a 4 month period. For example if a player is at Diamond level for a four month period, September through December they will receive a $400 cash bonus.
  • The Cash bonus payout is the following for each qualifying VIP Level:
VIP Level Monthly Bonus
Gold $10 for each month
Platinum $20 for each month
Titanium $50 for each month
Diamond $100 for each month
  • Terms and Conditions for Poker Ocean Loyalty Cash Bonus
    • Loyalty Cash Bonuses are determined by players Points average over a four month period.
    • Loyalty Cash Bonuses are issued in the first week of the month.
    • The Bonus can be used in any manner by the Poker Ocean player.
    • Poker Ocean's software will accumulate and determine the VIP Level of its players at the start of each month. If a manual upgrade should occur during the month it will not reflect on this promotion.
    • This Bonus is only eligible to VIP Club members with Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Diamond status. It will not be issued to VIP members who are Bronze or Sliver.

Poker Ocean VIP Club Benefits:

  • Speedier accumulation of Poker Ocean Points
  • Exclusive Freeroll Tournaments for VIP Club members
  • Unique terms for Reload Bonus
  • Monthly Loyalty Cash Bonus

A player's VIP Level is decided according to their Poker Ocean Points average, accredited over the last three months. On the first of each month a player will be eligible to be upgraded to a new VIP Level. New players should note that a full month must pass before an upgrade can occur.

There are a total of 6 VIP Levels, each with their own benefits. The six levels are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Diamond

The tables below explain in more detail how VIP Club Levels are determined:

Players are assigned to a VIP Level based on their Point average over the past three months according to the following table:

VIP Level Monthly Point Average
Bronze New players
Silver 2,000
Gold 6,000
Platinum 12,500
Titanum 25,000
Diamond 60,000

Benefits by VIP Level
The benefits of 's VIP Club Levels increase with each higher level, as per the table listed below:

Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium Diamond
Weekly $1,000 VIP Freeroll + + + + + +
Monthly $2,500 VIP Freeroll     + + + +
Monthly $5,000 VIP Freeroll       + + +
Exclusive Tournaments and Competitions         + +
Loyalty Bonus     + + + +

Point Accumulation at Ring Games

Rake Generated Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium Diamond
$0.10 - $0.24 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
$0.25 - $0.50 1 1 1.5 1.5 2 2
$0.51 - $0.75 1.5 2 2.25 2.5 3 3
$0.76 - $1.00 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4
$1.01 - $1.25 3 3.5 4 4.25 5.5 5.5
$1.26 - $1.50 4 4.5 5 6 7 7
$1.51 - $1.75 5 5.5 6.25 7.25 8.5 9
$1.76 - $2.00 6 6.5 7.5 8.5 10 11
$2.01 - $2.25 7 7.5 8.5 9.75 11.5 12.5
$2.26 - $2.50 8 9 9.5 11 13 14
$2.51 - $2.75 9 10 10.75 12 14 15
$2.76 and up 10 11 12 13 15 16

Point Accumulation at Tournaments per $1 Fee

Fee Generated Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium Diamond
$1 17 20 23 25 30 33




Jackpot Sit & Go's

  • $15,000 Maui Progressive Jackpot

    Poker Ocean will pay a $15,000 Jackpot Prize to the winner of five consecutive $5+$1 ?Maui ? Jackpot Sit ?N? Go? tournaments. Poker Ocean will also award a $200 prize to a player who finished in either 1st or 2nd place in five consecutive ? Jackpot Sit ?N? Go? tournaments. If no player wins the $15,000 Jackpot Prize, Poker Ocean will add additional funds to increase the prize.

  • Rio $25,000 Jackpot

    Poker Ocean will pay $25,000 prize money to the winner of six successive $20 + $3.50 ?Rio ? Jackpot Sit ?N? Go? competition. The gaming site also award $300 to the contestant who has secured 1st or 2nd rank in the six successive - Jackpot Sit ?N? Go? competition.

  • Fort Knox $50,000

    Poker Ocean ensures a consolidated amount of $50,000.00 to the winner who has conclusively won six successive games in the six member Fort Knox - Jack pot Sit ?N? Go contest. This fabulous award becomes bigger and awesome weekly till some player wins the jackpot. Customers have been awarded prize money of $100,000 or more.

Company details

Company details: 

Poker room details

Poker Ocean Launches as Next Big Wave In Online Poker. The sand and surf feel of Poker Ocean's state-of-the-art software will give online players the thrills of the world of poker. Poker Ocean has launched as what promises to be the next big wave in the growing world of online poker. The newest member of the iPoker Network has a player-pleasing sand and surf feel to its software, which was developed by Playtech, the most highly respected software manufacturer in the online gaming industry.

Poker Ocean's highly innovative poker room incorporates state-of-the-art software, enabling players to get the feel and thrills of poker in an online environment. Poker Ocean offers free play for new players, and ring games and tournaments at all hours of the day and night. Games are offered in Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo at a wide range of buy-in opportunities. Poker Ocean offers a series of progressive Sit-N-Go Jackpot Tournaments. Any player who wins six consecutive Fort Knox Jackpot Sit-N-Go tournaments receives a jackpot prize of $100,000. Any player who wins six consecutive 6-player Rio Jackpot Sit-N-Go tournaments will go home with a prize that starts at $25,000. Jackpot prizes starting at $15,000 are offered at the Maui Jackpot Sit-N-Go tournaments and the Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit-N-Go tournaments give players with smaller budgets a chance to win huge prizes.


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