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Why play at bwin Poker?

  • Register now and take the 100% Sign up bonus up to $500!
  • Play in the OnGame Network and take advantage of the huge variety of games! You only need to register once, and you can try all games and take part in all bwin Poker promotions like the WSOP satellites!
  • Helpful quick-seat feature and cash game filters.
  • Large prize pool tournaments (The Grand Prix)
  • Plenty of loose players
  • bwin has great graphics, clean and well designed lobby
  • Satellites to almost all major live tournaments
  • You can play poker on your cell phone as well
  • Extremely high player traffic in peek hours, mostly at No Limit Texas Holdem tables
  • Statistics ? Detailed hand histories can be generated, potentially giving you the statistical edge.
  • Your account currency doesn't matter when you register, play in a cash game or tournament, or try other games, because it will be converted automatically to the relevant game's currency.
  • If you need help, contact the customer support. If you want us  to answer your questions, ask them in the forum, or send us an email in your own language - and we will reply in YOUR language!




Bwin does not offer rakeback, but in the b?inside program you can exchange your points into different bonuses, products in the bwin shop or instant cash as well.

Loyalty & VIP

Loyalty & VIP: 

Poker Points

  • What are Poker Points? How do I earn Poker Points?
    Poker Points are used to obtain Poker bonuses and are collected automatically when playing with real money at bwin Poker. Your unused Poker bonuses are indicated in your account. Depending on the promotion, a specific number of Poker Points must be obtained in order to get the indicated real money bonus.
  • How do I obtain a Poker bonus?
    bwin Poker users are informed about bonus promotions by e-mail or through the Poker website on a regular basis. Once you receive a bonus code, you can redeem your bonus in your account. As soon as you have collected the required number of Poker Points, the bonus is automatically credited to your account.
  • How many Poker Points do I have? What happened to the previously indicated Poker Points?
    The Poker Point system is only used to process Poker bonuses. For this reason, no Poker Points are indicated in your account. If you have an unredeemed Poker bonus, then the number of Poker Points you require to obtain a bonus will be indicated in your account.
  • What happens if the bonus expires before I am able to obtain it?
    The bonus must be redeemed in the specified period, otherwise the bonus expires and the collected Poker Points are lost.
  • In which order are bonuses processed when I have several Poker bonuses in the account?
    The Poker bonuses are processed in the order in which you redeemed them for your account. This order cannot be changed. Once a bonus expires, the next bonus is processed.
  • How many Poker Points can I earn?
    There are two ways to earn Poker Points, you can get them from playing both Real Money Cash Games and Real Money Tournaments.
    • Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw Cash Games:

      Poker Points are awarded based on the rake that you contribute to each pot. 3.25 Poker Points are awarded for every dollar you contribute in rake. Points are awarded in 0.01 steps, for example if you contribute $0.40 in rake, you will receive 1.3 Poker Points.

      You will get an amount of Poker Points that is proportional to your specific contribution to the pot. For example, total bets in a pot are $20 (note that uncalled bets will not be part of the pot size), of which you contributed $8. The rake for this pot would be $1, and your contribution would be 40% ($8/$20) of the pot. 3.25 Poker Points are awarded and you will get 3.25 * 0.40 = 1.3 Poker Points.

      Individual rake Poker Points Individual rake Poker Points
      0.10 0.325 1.6 5.2
      0.20 0.65 1.8 5.85
      0.40 1.3 2 6.5
      0.60 1.95 2.2 7.15
      0.80 2.6 2.4 7.8
      1 3.25 2.6 8.45
      1.2 3.9 2.8 9.1
      1.4 4.55 3 9.75
    • Tournaments:

      5 Poker Points are awarded for every paid dollar in entry fee (real money tournaments). For example, if you enter a $20+2 tournament, you will be awarded 5 * $2 = 10 points, if you enter a $5+$0.50 tournament, you will be awarded 5*$0.50 = 2.5 points. The points are awarded when the tournament finishes.



Weekly Country Showdown

Who is the best online poker player in your country? Find out in the Weekly Country Showdown! Up to $3,000 guaranteed prize pool for your country!

  • Game: No Limit Texas Hold?em
  • Type: Country restricted scheduled tournament
  • Buy-in: $3+0.3
  • Rebuy: YES
  • Add-on: YES
  • Prize pool: Guaranteed prize pool from $300 to $3,000
Country Tournament Name
Germany Manic Monday
Greece Greek Poker Mondays
Spain Spanish Monday gambler
Portugal Portuguese Monday Special
Czech Rep./Slovakia Cesko-Slovensky special
Hungary Magyar verseny
Austria Montags-Special
Switzerland Montags-Special
Balkan, Slovenija Balkan Weekly
Belgium Belgium guaranteed
Denmark Ugentlig turnering garanteret
United Kingdom UK Weekly
Russian Federation Russian Weekly
Poland Gor±czka poniedzia³kowej nocy!
South America Locura de Lunes?
Baltics Baltic Manic Monday
Canada Canadian Weekly
Netherlands Netherlands Weekly
Sweden Veckoturnering gtd
Norway Norwegian Weekly
Finland Finnish Weekly
Oceania Oceanic Weekly




Champion Chip

$200,000 guaranteed every Sunday at 18:00 (GMT +1)!

Chips are what you need to be crowned champion at the ChampionChip where there?s a whopping $200,000 guaranteed prize pool up for grabs every week! If you think you?ve got what it takes to be the best of the best, take your seat at the poker tables now!

Here?s how to join in the poker action:

  • Open the bwin Poker client
  • Select "Sit & Go tournaments" or "Scheduled tournaments".
  • Look for the ChampionChip tournaments in the list. The tournament graphic below shows all of the relevant information!
  • Register for your chosen tournament and wait for the action to begin! The rest is down to you.

Mad Tilt

Tilting from a bad beat? Need to blow off some steam? Or do you just love getting your chips into the middle? Then Mad Tilt All-in tournaments are just the thing for you! With small starting stacks, lightning-fast blind levels and buy-ins from just $1 these super turbo tournaments are packed full of furious action. Be prepared to get your chips into the middle, because when you do, the spoils can be enormous! But... hesitate here and it?s all over, in a heart beat.

When it comes to Mad Tilt we?ve got something for everyone. Sit & Go or Scheduled ? the choice is yours!

  • Sit & Go
    • Buy-in: $1+0.2 / $2+0.2 / $5+0.5
      Players: 10
    • Buy-in: $1+0.2 / $2+0.2
      Players: 50
  • Scheduled
    • Buy-in: $2+0.2 + re-buy after 10 minutes
      When: Daily at 12:15 and 18:15 (GMT +1)
    • Buy-in: $3+0.3 + re-buy after 10 minutes
      When: Daily at 09:45 and 18:15 (GMT +1)
    • Buy-in: $10+1 + re-buy after 10 minutes
      When: Daily at 16:45 (GMT +1)
    • Buy-in: $10+1
      When: Daily at 07:15 (GMT +1)

High Roller

If - and it?s a big if - if you have what it takes, why not take on the Highroller? It?s a brand new weekly tournament with $25,000 guaranteed and a buy-in of $500+25.

The Highroller is not to be messed with - take this one down and secure the ultimate bragging rights. Only the very best players will be taking part, so make sure your skills are up to scratch, otherwise your Highroller status will be gone sooner than you think.

The tournament is a 10-handed Freeze-out event with a flat prize distribution. It is a weekly tournament running every Tuesday at 20:30 (CET). Want it all but don?t want to risk it all? For those of you who think you deserve to be amongst the elite, but don?t want to buy in directly, there is a $5 "last chance" qualifier every Tuesday at 18:15 (CET)... but don?t say we didn?t warn you.

Daily tournaments

With the bwin Dailies there is always a big guaranteed multi table tournament at a time to suit you! Find a great number of scheduled daily tournaments with buy-ins, structures and times to suit everybody. Choose your challenge now!

  • 00:30 (CET) - $5+0.50 Brazilian Rebuy
    $5+0.50 No Limit Texas Hold?em rebuy tournament with $9,000 guaranteed. Unlimited rebuys during first hour and 1 add-on after the rebuy period. Runs Daily.
  • 01:00 (CET) - $50+4 Canadian Daily
    $50+4 Daily No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $5,000 guaranteed. Runs Daily.
  • 02:00 (CET) - $100+8 Canadian Daily
    $100+8 Daily No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $4,000 guaranteed. Runs Daily.
  • 02:00 (CET) - $50+4 Brazilian Daily
    $50+4 Daily No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $3,000 guaranteed. Runs Daily.
  • 10:00 (CET) - $100+8 Aussie Daily
    $100+8 Daily No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $2,000 guaranteed. Runs Daily.
  • 11:00 (CET) - $50+4 Aussie Daily
    $50+4 Daily No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $3,000 guaranteed. Runs Daily.
  • 19:00 (CET) - $20+2 European Rebuy
    $20+2 No Limit Texas Hold?em rebuy tournament with $10,000 guaranteed. Unlimited rebuys during first hour and 1 add-on (2,000 chips) after the rebuy period. Runs from Monday to Friday.
  • 19:30 (CET) - $50+4 Russian Daily
    $50+4 Daily No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $5,000 guaranteed. Runs Daily.
  • 20:00 (CET) - $100+8 European Daily
    $100+8 No Limit Texas Hold?em tournament with $10,000 guaranteed. Runs from Monday to Friday.
  • 21:00 (CET) - $50+4 European Rebuy
    $50+4 No Limit Texas Hold?em rebuy tournament with $30,000 guaranteed. Unlimited rebuys during first hour and 1 add-on (2,000 chips) after the rebuy period. Runs from Monday to Friday.


A Cannonball Tournament combines the best of two worlds as they provide the kick-start thrill of a turbo tournament, while still allowing for a more normally paced finish. The first six levels are played at 3 minutes per level, then one 6 minutes long level, before moving to the regular 12 minutes per level. Currently there are running five of these every day, with a buy-in of $5+0.50. They run at 3:25, 5:25, 7:25, 9:25 and 11:25 PM ET.

b'inside tournaments

Have you been collecting Market Points? Then turn them into a poker stack! Turn your Market Points into poker chips. And then turn the chips into cold, hard cash with the exclusive poker tournaments and poker bonuses available at b?inside. Maximise your chances of winning massive prize pools with:

  • $55,000 guaranteed every month and
  • 10,000,000 Market Points every two months.
Prize pool Frequency Times Buy-in for Green Members Buy-in for White Members Buy-in for Yellow Members
$500 daily Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, 21:30
Tue, Thu, Sat, 19:30
400 400 400
Qualifier $5,000 weekly Sun, 14:00 150 150 150
$5,000 weekly Sun, 17:30 3,000 2,750 2,500
Qualifier $20,000 monthly 15:00, last Sunday of the month 2,500 2,250 2,000
$20,000 monthly 18:30, last Sunday of the month X 12,500 10,000
Market Points 10,000,000 every two months Third Sunday every two months X X 0

Boost your poker bankroll with the poker bonuses available at b?inside. As soon as you have exchanged your Market Points for poker chips, you can collect Poker Points to activate the bonus.

Bonus Price (Market Points) Poker Points required to activate the bonus Status
$5 Green/White/Yellow: 6,000 40 Green/White/Yellow
$10 Green: 12,000
White/Yellow: 10,000
80 Green/White/Yellow
$25 Green: 27,500
White/Yellow: 22,500
200 Green/White/Yellow
$50 Green: 50,000
White/Yellow: 40,000
400 Green/White/Yellow
$100 White: 60,000
Yellow: 50,000
800 White/Yellow
$250 White: 125,000
Yellow: 112,500
2,000 White/Yellow
$500 Yellow: 200,000 4,000 Yellow

Maximum bonus per month: Green - $80, White - $250, Yellow - $500.

Games & Rake

Games & Rake: 

Poker variations and limits

Game Limit Min stakes Max stakes
Texas Hold'em Fixed Limit $0.05/$0.10 $500/$1,000
Pot Limit $0.10/$0.10 $50/$50
No Limit $0.02/$0.04 $50/$100
Omaha Fixed Limit $0.05/$0.10 $25/$50
Pot Limit $0.10/$0.10 $50/$50
Omaha Hi/Lo Fixed Limit $0.05/$0.10 $25/$50
Pot Limit $0.10/$0.10 $50/$50
5 Card Stud Fixed Limit $0.05/$0.10 $20/$40
Pot Limit $0.10/$0.10 $5/$5
7 Card Stud Fixed Limit $0.10/$0.20 $50/$100
7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Fixed Limit $0.10/$0.20 $50/$100



Rake Structure

The rake is an amount of money taken by the house from all players as a payment to play at the table. This rule applies regardless of whether real money is used, to make the game more realistic. However, if there is no flop, or if fourth street in stud games is not reached, no rake will be taken from the pot (no flop no drop policy). Below you will find bwin Poker's rake structure. The structure is based on the stake level and the max rake is based on the number of players.

Fixed Limit

Pot size Rake taken per Pot
Lower than $0.50-1.00 $0.01 per $0.20
(Maximum rake: $0.50)
$0.50-1.00 to $2.00-$4.00 $0.05 per $1.00
Higher than $2.00-$4.00 $0.25 per $5.00

Pot Limit and No Limit

Pot size Rake taken per Pot
$0.25/$0.50 or lower $0.01 per $0.20
(Maximum rake: $1.50, 3+ players)
Higher than $0.25/$0.50 $0.05 per $1.00

Maximum rake

Maximum rake rule applies for
all game types (if nothing else is stated)
2 players $1.00
3-4 players $2.00
5+ players $3.00

Company details

Company details: 

Poker room details

bwin Poker is part of the large OnGame Network and is no. 1 in Online Gaming Entertainment. As you visit bwin Poker you will find a sleek layout with a fantastic software. bwin Poker is part of bwin Interactive Entertainment AG and operates under licenses issued in Kahnawake (Canada), Germany, Italy, Gibraltar, Argentina, Mexico and Austria. bwin Poker also offers an opportunity to play on your cell phone.


bwin Poker is part of the OnGame network and therefore the players can profit from different services and features.

Language options

English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croation, Czeh, Danish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugees, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. If you need help in your own language, please ask your questions in the forum or send a mail to

Other games on the site

In addition of poker, you can try bwin Sports, bwin Casino and bwin Games (including FortuneGames, SkillGames, MiniGames, ParaDice and Backgammon) using a common account, which means that you only need to register once and you can play at all products. You are eligible for the sign up offer from the product you first register from, but you can take part in all games' promotions as well.




At present, betting or gaming stakes can be placed or concluded in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, BGN, CHF, CZK, DKK, HRK, HUF, EEK, LTL, LVL, NOK, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, YTL.'s advice

Fund your account using the quick and safe Moneybookers! For more information, please read our Moneybookers guide page and ask your questions in the forum.

Register to Moneybookers now through!

Deposits and withdrawals

Bwin offers various payment methods. Those mainly depend on the country you are registered with and the currency you have saved in your account. Please find below information for the mostly used payment methods - you will find specific information regarding the payment options that are available for you in the bwin account under ?Deposits?.

Payment option Min/Max deposit Deposit fee / processing time Min/Max withdrawal Withdrawal fee
Moneybookers ?10/?5,000 Free / Instant ?30/?10,000 Free
Visa Visa Electron ?10/?2,000 2% / Instant ?30/?3,100 Free
Diners Club ?10/?2,000 2% / Instant N/A N/A
MasterCard ?10/?1,000 2% / Instant N/A N/A
Giropay ?10/?5,000 Free / Instant N/A N/A
Neteller ?10/?5,000 Free / Instant ?30/?2,000 Free
ClickandBuy ?10/?2,000 Free / Instant ?30/- Free
Click2Pay ?10/?1,000 Free / Instant N/A N/A
PayPal ?10/?500 Free / Instant ?30/?8,000 Free
Bank Transfer ?10/?5,000 Free / Up to 7 days ?30/- Free
Paysafecard ?10/?1,000 Free / Instant N/A N/A


Excluded countries

Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Cote d´Ivore, Hong Kong, Irak, Iran, Islam. Rep., Kongo (Brazzav), Kongo (Brazzav), DR (Kinsha), Korea, Demokr. VR, Libanon, Liberia, Macau, Myanmar (Birma), Ruanda, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Simbabwe, Somalia, Sudan, Syrien Arab. Rep., Turkey, USA



A multilingual team of customer service staff deals with customers' enquiries around the clock in all the languages offered on the company?s websites. A comprehensive FAQ awaits players online at bwin, complemented by phone and fax numbers.

  • Phone: 00350 200 47 196 (Monday - Sunday, 10:00 - 22:00 GMT+1)
  • Fax: 0043-1-5856044-18
  • An online email contact form is also available:, every day from 08:00 until 24:00 (GMT+1)

If you want us to answer your questions, post them in the forum or send a mail to